Talent Acquisition.

Vooru makes connections.

We're a team of recruiters and consultants dedicated to changing the way top companies and professionals connect.

  • Our network is who we are.

    We work with an exclusive network of top companies and highly-vetted professionals who are motivated to unite under a shared vision.

  • Compatibility is what we're about.

    Our proprietary compatibility platforms record and maintain data to produce predictive matches within our network of top companies and professionals.

  • Difference is what we embrace.

    Rather than focusing on previous accomplishments, we care about who companies and professionals are today and who they strive to be in the future.

A Focus on Growth. Not Placement.

We understand that people are everything. As your company grows, our team is here to provide access to ultra-talented professionals who share your mission and goals.

There is nothing more crucial to the success of your company than bringing the right people on board. We invest time to know who you are as a company, what you expect from your people, and what determines a good candidate. Our aim is to ensure you avoid the cost of a bad hire.

We're here to help you grow.

We have expectations.
So should you.

Our process is proven to identify the best and most reliable professionals for the companies we represent.

  • Define and embrace your company's vision, mission, and goals.

  • Develop integrated position and candidate criteria.

  • Identify and interview professionals within our network to meet the challenges specific to your organization.

  • Collaborate to determine the best match for you and your team.

Unleash your full potential.

Our community of professionals is our greatest asset. Our team takes an individual approach to each person we come into contact with, and we work relentlessly to highlight your skills, ambitions, and values.

Whether you're actively seeking a career change or simply curious, we offer you interaction with the most forward-thinking companies who are always on the lookout for talented professionals like yourself. Exploring career opportunities can be overwhelming and intimidating, but we are here to help you navigate that process.

Achieving your potential starts here.

Progress starts with a plan.

Our consultants are industry experts who know the importance of having a developed plan and strategy for your career.

  • Create an accurate picture of your experience, skills, and aspirations.

  • Gain an evolved understanding of what your next opportunity will look like.

  • Provide the necessary tools, resources, and mentoring to get you in front of the companies most aligned with your goals.

  • Facilitate interactions with our partner companies and serve as your career advisor both now and in the future.

Opportunities we're working on now.

The companies we partner with run the gamut. From the Fortune 500 to high-growth startups, we connect professionals to companies and opportunities that aren't limited to any particular industry or size.

At any given point in time, we likely have open positions that directly align with your next career move. Click on the category that most closely describes your career and take a look for yourself.

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